Aidan M is a Huddersfield, West Yorkshire England born Punjabi and English Singer/Producer & Economics Graduate. Aidan M's love for music and singing was evident from a very early age. He first started his solo singing career in 2015 where he released a few bollywood covers for Cancer Research Charity where YouTube viewers and the public took a real liking to the rising star. Over night thousands of fans started following him on social media then he started performing at many events and concerts all around the UK. Aidan then went on to releasing his first single ' Waada ' (Promise) which was released worldwide on the 20th May 2016 and that song hit the Uk charts and had nearly 200,000 views on Youtube in the first two months. This was the start of a music career which was only getting bigger and better with loads of media stations wanting to interview him and bookings coming in on a regular basis for concert/events and weddings. Aidan M also made a cover for John Legends ' All of me' which again was loved by everyone. Aidan was also getting propositons for modelling and acting for movies and dramas. Aidan M decided to focus totally on his music and practice daily to become the best he can. Aidan has sinced released hits like 'Ishq Tera' , Kurriye, Switched, Good Vibes, I'm Only Human and Qaatil. Aidan M has more plans to create strong content about peace and overcoming deppression aswell as his bhangra style crowd pleasers.



Contact Number - 07754004026

Email - enquiries@aidanmsinger.com

Website - www.aidanmsinger.com